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At, the team comprises betting experts who want to create a next-level sports betting experience. This team consists of diverse people from many parts of the sports betting industry to bring users something they’ve never experienced before.

My Role

As the UI/UX designer for a betting website project, my job involves a few key tasks. Firstly, I need to dig into who our users are – their habits, what they like, and what they struggle with when using betting sites. Then, I sketch out the layout and flow of the site to give everyone a clear picture of what it will look like. Once we’re all on the same page, I get to work making it look great – choosing colours, fonts, and images that fit the brand and make the site easy on the eyes. But it’s not just about looks; I also have to make sure it’s easy to use. That means designing buttons and forms that are intuitive, and making sure everything works smoothly, especially on phones and tablets. Throughout the process, I’m constantly getting feedback from the team and from real users, tweaking things to make sure it’s the best it can be before it goes live.

Design Process

1. information architecture
2. low-fidelity
3. high-fidelity
4. target client usability testing
5. final design

Design Process

Low Fidelity

Low fidelity screens were sketched out on pen and paper.  Post stakeholders feedback, the visuals (layout, placement of assets) were iterated on.

High Fidelity

Both high fidelity screens and interactive prototype were built with Figma.

Usability Testing

We conducted usability testing within the company first and with users outside the company in a later stage. We recorded the testing sessions and used the insights received from them to further refine our designs.

The Final Design

The final design boasts a robust set of features across the website, among them include: a social media component, dedicated team section, individual employee photo in the hero, job search tool.

Link to the project: