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Game Lounge is a leading SEO-driven iGaming affiliate with over 130 websites in 30+ countries. We are committed to empowering our users to connect with iGaming brands through reliable, innovative and ambitious casino products. Game Lounge started with a vision to transform affiliate marketing for the iGaming sector in the Nordics and beyond. Today the company consists of talented, creative, and hardworking people who create SEO-driven websites that deliver value while connecting with one another in a meaningful way.

My Role

I worked within a team of five graphic designers and one UXUI designer. My responsibilities included UI design, UX research, graphic design, and interactive prototyping. Throughout the duration of the project, I collaborated with researchers, product managers, and other stakeholders.

Design Process

1. information architecture
2. low-fidelity
3. high-fidelity
4. target client usability testing
5. final design

Design Process

Low Fidelity

Low fidelity screens were sketched out on pen and paper.  Post stakeholders feedback, the visuals (layout, placement of assets) were iterated on.

High Fidelity

Both high fidelity screens and interactive prototype were built with Figma.

Usability Testing

We conducted usability testing within the company first and with users outside the company in a later stage. We recorded the testing sessions and used the insights received from them to further refine our designs.

The Final Design

The final design boasts a robust set of features across the website, among them include: a social media component, dedicated team section, individual employee photo in the hero, job search tool.

Link to the project: